Power Generation: Recuperated Micro-Turbines and CHP

The use of gas turbines for distributed power generation is a globally, fast growing market. In addition, combined heat and power (CHP) applications with small gas turbines is highly desirable as the efficiency far surpasses that of large central power plants. High temperature micro-channel heat exchangers, referred to as recuperators, recover waste heat from turbine exhaust, nearly doubling the thermal efficiency of the gas turbine. Highly effective, high temperature recuperators are used to increase the turbine efficiency and, in CHP applications, provide energy for building heating, hot water heating, and cooling through absorption chilling.

The company’s MCHX is well suited for energy recovery applications in distributed power generation systems with small gas turbines and generators where operation with high temperature gases and high effectiveness is required. The MCHXs by Zess Industries are fabricated with materials for high temperature applications and are typically designed for greater than 90% effectiveness.

Aviation: Recuperated Turboshaft, Turboprop, and Turbofan Variants


A new generation of compact and light weight recuperators, with demonstrated structural integrity and reliability, for military and civil applications

  • Reduction in emissions
  • Reduced fuel burn, longer flight times
  • Lower engine noise
  • Structurally sound, light weight high temperature heat exchangers
  • Lower exhaust thermal signature to reduce IR signature and vulnerability

For military applications the recuperator design effectiveness should dependent on mission profile and flight duration. For example:

  • UAVs and various expendable drone engines
  • (ASW) patrol aircraft for anti-submarine warfare
  • Ultra long-range cruise missiles

Recuperated Micro-Turbine Hybrid Electric Vehicles

A number of high-performance hybrid EV’s are opting for a micro turbine to drive a generator to supply power to recharge its battery instead of a gasoline-powered piston engine. The benefits of the turbine engine are that it is much lighter, smaller, and more efficient than conventional gasoline engines in cars, though they tend to produce very high temperature exhaust. As with other applications Zess Industries’ ultra-compact, highly effective recuperator transfers the heat from the high temperature exhaust gas to the incoming pressurize air prior to the combustion chamber thereby increasing significantly engine efficiency.