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The Most Effective, Ultra Compact, Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers (MCHX) Available.

High Temperature Recuperator Heat Exchangers for Micro-Turbines, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Catalytic Reactors……and more.

Power Generation: Recuperated Micro-Turbines and CHP


Aviation: Turboprop Engines with Compact Recuperators


Recuperated Micro-Turbine Hybrid Electric Vehicles


Our Heat Exchanger Advantages

High Effectiveness:
With counter flow design and high heat transfer coefficients, the MCHX can be designed for an effectiveness exceeding 90%.

Ultra-Compact Size:
Exceptionally large heat transfer surface area per volume.

Highly Durable:
Made of high temperature metal alloys and designed for long-term, reliable operation without failure in harsh, high temperature environments.

Lighter Weight:
For aviation and transportation applications, our heat exchangers are produced of high temperature Titanium alloy qualified for aerospace applications used to reduce recuperator weight.

NEW! Zess Industries is now manufacturing its heat exchangers using an innovative high volume, LOW COST, 3D SOLID-STATE SCREEN PRINTING PROCESS.

Low Pressure Drop:
Unlike typical 3D printed parts which have rough surfaces resulting in significant pressure losses, Zess Industries micro-channel structures are printed on smooth surfaces resulting in minimum pressure loss through the channels.

NEW! Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) MCHXs for exceptionally high temperature environments and light weight.

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