High Temperature MCHX

Effectiveness exceeding 95% is obtainable counter flow, robust micro-channel heat exchangers manufactured of high temperature alloys, custom designed and manufactured by Zess Inc.

Micro-Turbine Recuperators:
Highly effective micro-turbine recuperators will operate without failure over years of operation under harsh conditions of high temperature, corrosive exhaust gases.

Waste Heat Recovery from Industrial Processes:

Recovering waste heat from industrial process exhaust gases is essential for economical plant operations. Highly effective, robust micro-channel heat exchangers provide solutions to rising fuel costs.


Zess Inc produces high efficiency, micro-channel heat exchangers for utilization in:

  • Industrial Processes Waste Heat Recovery
  • Micro-Turbine Recuperators

Energy Efficiency Through Micro-Channel Technology
Closer approach temperatures are obtained as a result of the exceptionally high surface area and heat transfer coefficients inherent to Zess's micro-channel proprietary design. In cooperation with the US Department of Energy's Albany Materials Research Laboratories under joint funding from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Zess Inc pioneered work in the design and fabrication of high temperature, highly effective micro-channel heat exchangers.

Custom Designed for Your System
Zess's micro-channel heat exchangers can be custom design for your application. To allow for long operating life under harsh high temperature conditions, stainless steel or high temperature alloy assemblies are diffusion bonded to form inter-metallic bonds to resist fatigue failure.

Current Applications
Highly effective micro-channel heat exchangers can be utilized with high temperature exhaust gases associated with industrial processes, combustion turbines and other applications.

Micro and Midsize Combustion Gas Turbine Recuperators
A turbine recuperator with high thermal effectiveness and low pressure drop, capable of long term operations under high exhaust temperatures, can nearly double the thermal efficiency of a combustion gas turbine.




Industrial Heat Recovery
 Industries that utilize gas furnaces in their industrial process systems, such as the glass and aluminum industries, can realize significant operational savings with intensive heat recovery utilizing effective, high temperature, micro-channel heat exchangers.

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