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Micro-Channel Cold Plates and Heat Exchangers
Liquid Cooling for High Power Densities

Custom Designed

Customized engineering design and manufacturing of compact micro-channel cold plates and liquid-to-air heat exchangers for liquid cooled thermal management systems. High power density applications such as:

  • Computers

  • Servers

  • Routers

  • Laser Diodes

  • Electronic

  • Other

Liquid cooling for high performance desk top computers, servers and other high power density micro-processing chip applications in routers, laser diodes, and electronics.

Optimum Performance Through Microtechnology:
Thermal resistance is minimized as a result of the extraordinarily high heat transfer coefficients inherent to the high aspect ratio micro-channel cold plates designed and manufactured by Zess Incís.


High heat transfer coefficients with liquid cooling and high heat transfer surface area to volume ratios allow micro-channel heat exchangers to have significantly higher performance as compared to conventional air cooled heat sinks. Custom Designed for your thermal management system:


Custom Design Cold Plates










Custom Design Liquid-Air Heat Exchangers

Liquid-Air Heat Exchangers

Low Cost Manufacturing
Zess Incís micro-channel liquid cooled cold plates can be custom designed for your application and mass- produced in large quantities at low costs. All manufacturing is performed under strict quality control procedures at the ISO 9001-2000 facility in Asia.



Current Customers: Zess Inc supplies micro-channel cold plates to some of the largest providers of thermal management systems and computer OEMs. For further information or to discuss how micro-channel products can be the answer for your system contact us:

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